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Insurance Claims


Usually, any damage your property sustains due to wind is covered under your insurance policy. And that includes wind that comes along with other weather elements. At Black Sun Restoration Roofing, we not only provide storm roof repairs but also assistance with the roofing insurance claims process. Your provider is obligated to repair or replace your roof following wind damage carries a 25% roof replacement rule. The next time you need either storm roof repairs or assistance with the roofing insurance claim process.


Hail forms when water particles freeze high up in the clouds before falling to the Earth as frozen chunks of ice. They can get as large as almost 5 inches in diameter and cause more than a billion dollars in property damage every year.

Hail can strike here in your country, and therefore most standard property insurance policies have coverage for it. However, most policies also require you to submit a claim within one year of the actual hailstorm date in question. We at Black Sun Restoration are here to help you make sure you receive the benefits due under your policy. Please note that filing a claim does not automatically mean your premium will go up. 

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Hurricane insurance is required for property owners of houses and condos with a mortgage, including landlords. Most of the time (but not always), this insurance coverage is included in your homeowners’ insurance policy.

For renters, the situation is very different. While renters aren’t required to carry renters insurance under the law, all renters insurance policies in the state do cover possessions damaged by a hurricane.

If you need help making sure your policy contains this coverage, or want to purchase a separate hurricane coverage policy, please get in touch with us.